• 天然植物网址

    Natural Plant Extract

    The plant is used as a raw material, and the product is extracted by the extraction process of chemical and chemical composition, which is directed to obtain and concentrate one or more active ingredients in the plant without changing its active ingredient structure.

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  • 牛彩油及天然牛彩

    Spice Oil and Natural Spices

    The use of natural fragrance of aromatic plants, the use of physical and biochemical methods for processing from the system.

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  • 植物蛋白

    Plant Protein

    Plant protein is a kind of protein, which comes from plants. It has comprehensive nutrition and is similar to animal protein. It is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. It has a variety of physiological and health functions.

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  • 复配添加剂

    Compound Additives

    Compound food additive is to improve the quality of food, two or more kinds of single varieties of food additives, with or without the addition of accessories, the physical method of mixing food additives.

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Quality Control System
To establish a product quality management mode in line with the international advanced level and ensure the entire production process meet the requirements of relevant standards;
Research and Production
We have obtained a number of national invention patents, covering phytoextraction, spice, essence, bio-pharmaceuticals and other fields. Our patented technologies have reached the advanced level in the world and the leading level in China.
Hunan Shineway EnterpriseCo., Ltd.
  Hunan Shineway EnterpriseCo., Ltd. (Shineway), was founded in 1998, specialized in the R&D, production and sales of natural plant extracts, spices, spice oils, Chinese gallnut derivatives, essencesand compound additives, which are the 5 major series of products we’re producing at present. 
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